As an empathic clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor, Darleen Christopher is clearly focused on the mind, body, and spiritual connection. She is recognized as a talented practitioner of many psychic arts, including Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and she appears in the Directory of Northwest Intuitve Arts Practitioners, an honorary acknowledgment received only by nomination of authenticity.

She has earned a reputation for delivering amazingly accurate insight, and as a practitioner of energy healing, she is sensitive to chakras and how they correspond to emotional wounds from the past. Darleen can accurately depict people in your life, their perspective, circumstances, and opportunities for transformation. Compassionate, honest, ethical, with a gift of tact, her delivery is always soft, innocuous, non-judgmental, yet powerfully exhilarating!

By gaining valuable insight, you can make empowered choices on redirecting your energy towards a more positive & successful future.

As an ordained minister, Darleen Christopher has studied esoteric knowledge since childhood and she advocates peace, joy, love, and free will. By prayer, meditation, and channeling through white light, she empathetically conceptualizes the dynamics between relationships and people. She clairvoyantly sees people in your life, both alive and those who have passed on. As a clairaudient, she hears names of close associations, sees auras, and connects to reveal the archetypes that are journeying with you on your path. Darleen can also help you in overcoming obstacles to love and abundance, wounds that haven’t healed and she can help you to empower the “now.”

If you have difficulties in forgiveness, letting go of or wanting to heal unhealthy relationships give her a call. Specializing in soul assignments, she can help you see the value of “contracts” to assist you on your evolutionary path. She is truly gifted in revealing subconscious behaviors and other external influences that can negatively impact your life, health, career and relationships.

By gaining valuable insight, you can make empowered choices on redirecting your energy towards a more positive and successful future.

Recent Testimonials

We had a wonderful experience meeting with Darlene. Her location was very easy to find based on the instructions given. Her environment was very peaceful and welcoming. Within the first few minutes of our reading, she said things that there was no way she could had previously known, including... Read more

- Lesley

I have been wanting to do this for the past 25 years or so and had not ever followed through with this. And for the past couple of years, my step-daughter has been very interested to do this, as well, and we wanted to initially have our first readings to be in person so we thought we would be... Read more

- Bob (Robert) Bruggman

A very accurate reading. She mentioned things that were true and she had no way of knowing them. Very informative... Will definitely have to see her again soon.

- Monica

For anyone wanting an amazing & wonderful experience that they will not soon forget. I am here to recommend Darleen Christopher as a truly gifted psychic, tarot reader, palm reader, etc.....
I have had many readings from various psychics over the past 20 years & consistent readings... Read more

- SAndy Echehe